dynamic styling duo, jane frosh and lucy weight are the creative force behind sydney based collaborative styling house, cool edies.


lucy happily admits that design and art flow in her blood.  her father a painter, mother a photographer/ceramicist. grandfather an architect.  nan a sculptor. design everywhere you turn.


it was her destined path.


after moving home from NYC, Lucy embarked on an 8year journey with Donna Hay as in-house stylist.  the pinnacle of this journey was working as creative director on oprah winfrey’s ‘welcome to sydney’ party where she worked alongside sydney’s most significant and respected companies to create an event that would be part of one of the biggest australian tourism campaigns to date in the USA.




jane also chose her creative path early on.  after studying a fine arts degree, jane moved into the world of theatre production.  working on large scale set and costume design with players such as the jim henson creature workshop.  jane then moved into event production, working as a producer for over 10years.  the ‘pretty’ side won out in the end though, with jane eventually choosing styling over technical event production.


the cool edies collaboration was formed in 2012 after jane and lucy recognized the gap in the industry for a one stop styling shop.  whether it be interiors, food, lifestyle, fashion or events, cool edies has a stylist and a concept to suit.  the path they embarked on with the business is both rewarding and empowering.  it requires lots of determination and confidence to get out there amongst it in this industry and the duo are going from strength to strength.